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OxyRevo Lying Type Soft Hyperbaric Chamber Apex32 1.5ATA


OXYREVO Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber Apex32 – 32 inch (80cm) width, Max Pressure 1.5ATA with Adjustable Pressure Valve. Free Shipping*


OXYREVO Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Apex32 1.5ATA


The OxyRevo Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Apex32 is the best hyperbaric oxygen chamber system for home use. It is our most popular portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber, designed for mild oxygen therapy at a higher working pressure range of 1.5ATA. With a length of 230cm and a diameter of 80cm, it is the perfect size for personal hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the comfort of your own home. Comes with 7 big long windows reducing the feeling of claustrophobia. This pressurised chamber is lightweight, simple to operate, and very safe for personal and home HB oxygen therapy treatment.

Technical Specifications
WORKING PRESSURE: 1.5ATA – variable pressure valve allows operating pressures of 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5ATA
COVER COLOR: GREY / OEM AVAILABLE – Cover colours available include grey, black, dark blue, red, light blue, pink, green, purple, gold

3 YEAR WARRANTY – option to purchase extended warranty

OXYREVO Premium Design
Environmentally Friendly Material: NON-Glue, NON-Toxic – High strength non-toxic environmentally friendly polyurethane material. Eco friendly and durable.
Custom Valve: All Valves are Custom Designed and Made by OxyRevo
Dual YKK Zippers: Dual Zippers, Inside and Outside – The world’s FIRST exclusive curved zipper patent design, using ergonomics and the principle of zipper inertia in the design, saving 70% of labour than straight zippers.
Memory Foam Slow Rebound Mattress: Decompress Your Body, and Improves your Sleep – Very Comfortable
Dual Air Filters: Two air filters in and out – Machine side and chamber side.
Internal Frame: Hold Chamber’s Structure Before Inflation
10L Large Oxygen Capacity: 1-10L/min adjustable Oxygen Concentrator with 90-97% Oxygen continuous production, no need for oxygen tanks.
Internal/External Dual Pressure Display: Pressure Readings Available Inside and Outside
Internal/External Pressure Release Control: Release Pressure Available Inside and Outside
Air Flow Compressor 85L/min: Oil free no maintenance air compressor
Air Cooler 120L/min: remove humidity from within the chamber effectively, no maintenance

Unique Curved Zipper Shape Design
Oxyrevo has exclusively designed a super smooth and easy-to-use zipper system for its hyperbaric chambers. The curved zipper design incorporates a gravity sink that separates the chamber zippers and sealing strips, thereby reducing mutual friction and making entry and exit of your hyperbaric chamber much smoother and easier.
Durable Laser Printing, NO Paper Glued
Cheaply made paper stickers that are glued on will eventually fade and peel off with use, resulting in a poor user experience. To provide our customers a better user experience, Oxyrevo uses UV laser technology to label all valves in clear marks, resulting in beautiful, durable, and textured labels, making your use more convenient.
Extra Quiet Pressure Relief Valves
It can be quite bothersome when you are trying to sleep inside the hyperbaric chamber and the air relief valves outside are too loud. Oxyrevo has developed quiet automatic pressure relief valves, which helps to evenly distribute the airflow, resulting in a significant reduction in noise levels, gives you a peaceful and quiet HBOT benefits environment.
Heat Welded: NO Toxic Glues Or Sewing
Other manufacturers either use glue to seal chamber joints, which can emit a pungent smell and be harmful to the body, or sew the material seams, which poses a significant risk of damage over time. In contrast, Oxyrevo’s portable hyperbaric oxygen chambers have seams that are welded using high-frequency heat welding technology, which is both environmentally friendly and non-toxic, also highly durable.
1.2-1.5ATA Pressure Adjustable
In order to help customers ease the discomfort of ear pressure during initial use of your hyperbaric oxygen chambers, we have created a pressure adjustment converter that allows you to easily set your chamber pressure to 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5 ATA with just one dial turn. This exclusive design is only available in Oxyrevo Hyperbaric Chambers and enables you to gradually adjust to the increasing pressure levels of your HBOT session.
Dual Pressure Data Display In And Out
It can be bothersome when pressure readings only can be seen outside the chamber, which may result in incorrect operational instructions and potential harm to your body. At Oxyrevo, we use two aviation-grade pressure gauges with high accuracy to ensure that the pressure readings remain consistent and without errors inside and outside the chamber, making the use of HBOT safer for you.

PAYMENT TERMS: Please note payment in full required prior to commencement of production of your order. Finance options available from as little as $50 per week. Please click here for finance options using our partner Handypay. Please note chambers are made to order and expected delivery is 4-8weeks. Delivery is door-to-door service. The freight company will deliver to the driveway however will not assist with transferring into the building or assist with installation. *Shipping fee is included in the price, however should an address require increased requirements for shipping we will contact you first (for example, if the chamber can not be delivered to a driveway or garage easily). Customs fees/taxes are included in the price.

When ordering your chamber please include shipping address, email and mobile phone for freight company. Contact us on WhatsApp +61 0400 435 269 or email


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